How to Create an Effective Brand Message

“Just do it”. One of the most recognizable brand messages worldwide. Nike has developed throughout the years a powerful brand and this message to go along with it, which not only is part of their advertising campaigns and used throughout the company stores but also describes what the company values are. In addition, it is a message that is focused on the company’s target audience (sports enthusiasts and fitness-focused individuals) and encourages them to “just do it”, to do what it takes, and go that extra mile! This is a perfect example of what a brand message should be all about: catchy, concise, and something that ultimately defines what the brand is all about. So what makes up a great brand message? Let us go over some tips so that you can develop your company brand message effectively.

Connect with your audience:

One of the most important aspects of creating an outlasting brand message is the connection to the brand’s target audience. Whatever the message might be, it must be aligned with the overall brand image. Having a brand message that is fun and goofy would probably not make sense if you are selling life insurance, for example. Having a connection with your target audience is key for a message that will resonate clearly with them. 

Make every word count:

Because brand messages are brief, you must be able to make all of the words count! Create a message that is both concise but also delivers the values and qualities your company possesses. Make sure that whatever phrase you come up with defines what the company is all about, making every word stand for something unique within it.

Make it memorable:

Most of the brand messages you will remember are so because they are catchy and convey emotion. Try your best to create something that generates the same feelings as some of the recognized brand messages out there. This can be considered the most challenging step as it is sometimes difficult to create something original and relevant. Remember, though that most of the famous phrases were not thought up over a cup of coffee, they are the result of careful planning and analysis; and certainly not a simple task to do. Take your time and be patient.


Having a strong brand message not only delivers a powerful phrase to your target audience about who you are and what you stand for but also conveys emotions so that they can relate to your company. Having a catchy and relevant brand message can be a powerful asset and can generate an everlasting connection with your customers. Hopefully, these tips have gotten you closer to creating an effective brand message for your company. If you found this branding information interesting, make sure you check out my prior blog on how the Brand Resonance Model can lift your brand. I hope this information was useful to you and would love for you to continue to follow along for more useful marketing tips. See you next time!